What Is Personal Mythology?

A Personal Myth is any statement or story that affects your behavior.

Personal mythology determines everything about you: your beliefs, who you love, what you buy. It has shaped who you are today and who you will become. It is the universe of your Inner Space.

When viewing a tiger through scientist’s lenses, a tiger is a mammal (panthera tigris), largest species of its family, felidae. When viewing the tiger through an environmentalist’s lenses the tiger is an endangered species, and a victim of human interference. And through the Mythologist’s Lens we see the archetypal meanings of the tiger: power, majesty, grace, and regality. Putting it a little more interestingly…

Personal mythology is the life story you gain from the interplay of archetypes.

What is an Archetype?

An archetype is the essential concept of something; the blueprint of its meaning. For instance, tables come in infinite forms, but the archetype of the table is something flat which stands off the ground. And a mythology is a story of interaction between archetypes. Together they create meaning. Not just meaning – the meaning of life. There is no meaning in your life that is not derived from the relationships between archetypes.

Archetypes can also be seen as a singular “unit” of any given mythology. For instance in the story of The Three Little Pigs we have opposing archetypes of laziness and good work embodied in the little pigs, and the archetype of life’s random troubles embodied in the wolf. The relationships that play between these archetypes forms the mythology “One should work hard or life will knock you down.”. And if an individual were to take that mythology to heart, it would become (for them) a unit of personal mythology – a molecule composed of archetypes and their relationships.

You might wonder “But of course you should work hard, everyone knows that.” which is a natural error when first learning about personal mythology. There is always a counter-myth. Many people in the world hold the myth that “Life is for relaxing and enjoying. Appreciate what you already have.”. Now of the two myths – who is right? Both of course.

Are Myths False, Lies, or Wrong?

For an individual who believes in it, a personal myth is never right or wrong in terms of facts. The mere belief in a personal myth assumes that it is true. In fact, this belief is often powerful enough to overpower factual truth and so you must be vigilant in the use of your Mythologist’s Lenses in order to see why you have adopted certain stars into your constellation of beliefs.

Conclusion and The Power of Personal Mythology

Like a dream, personal mythology may be acted upon or act upon you. It happens to you and happens from you. If you do not have the tools to see it, it will determine for you, who you love, what you buy, how you think. But if you develop the tools, not only can you stop from being under its control, you can literally build the world within your Innerspace, thus changing every aspect of who you are in every way you wish to be.

The MyMythos and MyMythos Kids projects aim to provide you with the tools to develop your personal mythology – the meanings in your life. Through personal mythology you will find better ways to improve self help, diet, parenting, grief, sleep, the possibilities are endless.

“Sidian Morning Star Jones has grasped the profound nature of personal mythology and has developed a series of ingenious exercises and techniques that bring personal mythology into the 21st century.”
– Stanley Krippner PhD.