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These are the Meanings of Your Life

Personal Mythology always invokes a sense of wonder.

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One of the most significant findings in Psychology, in the last 20 years, is that individuals can choose the way they think.

– Martin Seligman

A Life Changing Story Unfolds

Heartbreak Mythos

But which personal myth prevails?

1 sad man mythos

Personal Myth

Being rejected hurt so bad. I’m too afraid to let it happen again.


Might avoid relationships, become depressed.

2 angry woman mythos

Personal Myth

They hurt me. Now I have to get even.


Might use abusive behavior on exes and new relationships, become bitter.

3 happy woman mythos

Personal Myth

Our breakup was complicated. It was a huge learning experience.


Might learn better communication and seeking similar partners.

You are The Most Fascinating Person You Know

Honor Your Story

Almond trees require a bee to pollinate every flower. So with a worldwide shortage of bees, Daniel’s almond farm was suffering that year, and so was he. He needed an expensive heart surgery badly and now relied on his daughter, Jamie to run the farm. But what would she do without the bees?

Jamie contacted local beekeepers and made an arrangement. She would pay them to transport dozens of hives to her father’s farm each season, saving the farm, and her father’s life.

The bee is an archetype of  hard work, and service accomplished through community to bring something sweet to life. These lessons were not lost to Jamie. She now volunteers in her town and keeps a bee plushie dangling from her rearview mirror.

Jamie’s Personal Mythology about bees is one of the closest to her heart. Everyone knows Jamie loves bees, but only some know why.

Bee-Personal-Mythology 3

Myth is More Powerful than Fact

Your Personal Mythology is the story of your life that drives everything you think, feel, and do.

We call these life stories myths because they do not operate within the philosophy of “right and wrong”, but rather what is “true for you”.

Someone who always buckles their seatbelt might believe more in Free Will instead of Destiny, that they are free to make choices that determine results in their lives. This is a personal myth, yet we make our everyday decisions as if it were fact.

Like a dream, Personal Mythology happens to you and happens from you, but if you do not have the right tools, it will determine for you, who you love, what you buy, how you think.

MyMythos gives you the tools to Discover, Design & Empower your Personal Mythology, to help you strive toward your Ultimate Self

Color Meanings

One of many archetypal facets of your Inner Space that you’ll discover with Personal Mythology.


Life, nature, healing, growth, luck, peace, youth, harmony, health, progress, freshness, wealth, relaxation, balance, practicality


Happiness, fun, friendship, gratitude, optimism, excitement, warmth, caution, light, sun, busyness, tropical, summer, humor.


Health, comfort, adventure, activity, curiosity, independence, energy, warmth, courage, fire, instinct, hunger, risk taking, socializing


Strength, focus, love, leadership, action, determination / grit, challenge, quest, safety, passion, romance, heart, vigilance, spice, desire


Empathy, service, passion, creativity, magic, wealth, devotion, sensitivity, fantasy, royalty, luxury, dignity, grandeur, pride, guidance, mystery


Intelligence, calm, trust, freedom, loyalty, leadership, stability, sincerity, dignity, truth, sky, water, depth, cold, cleanliness, open spaces, quiet


Confidence, sleep, dreams, imagination, mystery, illusion, space, grace, seriousness, responsibility, self control, shadow, authority, solitude, death, discipline


Truth, purity, innocence, light, protection, safety, cleanliness, forgiveness, faith, sterility, surrender, humility, sincerity, confession, perfection, sacred

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“Sidian Morning Star Jones has grasped the profound nature of personal mythology and has developed a series of ingenious exercises and techniques that bring personal mythology into the 21st century.”
– Stanley Krippner PhD.