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Sidian Morning Star

Sidian Morning Star

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As part of the free course content we’re going to jump headfirst into the quick and dirty version of discovering your personal mythology. With this exercise you will uncover hidden gems of your Inner Space and realize just how quick, easy and fun self discovery and empowerment can be. Skip to the bottom of the page to download your sheet and get started. This exercise is only meant as a taste of what is to come. We will go more in depth in future lessons.

Step 1: List What You Identify With (Archetypes)

Make a list of 8 things you can think of that influence you or that you identify with. A great start could be:

  • colors
  • animals
  • elements (earth, fire, etc)
  • people
  • fictional characters
  • symbols
  • objects
  • realm
  • or whatever else you like

They could be mythological creatures, events like Burning Man, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, or even a teapot. Each of these things represents part of your personal mythology. Some more than others. When you relate to things, when you identify with them, you discover yourself.

Because when you hear the story of the man stealing bread to feed his family, do you focus on the need for justice to be served on him, or the hungry mouths that need fed, or the political system which created the circumstance? When you do this you reveal yourself.

Every meaning you find in the world is a reflection of you.

Step 2: Break Them Down Into 3 Sub-Archetypes

Now break down each thing into 3 sub-archetypes (what is an archetype?), or better yet the 3 sub-archetypes you find most interesting or suit you best. For instance let’s say Batman is a fictional character I really relate to. I might break him down into archetypes of: justice, the bat, and stoicism (basically a philosophy about enduring life’s hardships without being a boob about it).

Some of these archetypes are things you may feel you’ve already embraced to a great degree. Others you might wish to become more of. And still others you may feel are holding you back.

Sidenote: Your list of 8 is made of archetypes, and yes, you are further breaking them down into 3 sub-archetypes. The phrase “sub-archetypes” is interchangeable with “archetype”.

Step 3: Write About These Archetypes Roles In Your Life (Mythos)

This is where you dive into the mythology behind each archetype and can get really creative, or keep it plain and simple. How do the archetypes you listed play roles in your life? Have they been good, bad, both? When did you acquire them? Why do you strive to be like some of them? What stories do you have about them? Fill out as many worksheets as you want.

If you find the writing space a bit confining, feel free to continue on a separate page. Also, we will be diving deeper into each of them in a future post, so check back in time to time.


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