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Sidian Morning Star

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Silver has an ancient history of symbolism, meaning, and mythology. It has represented purification, the moon, Artemis the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon, the tides, reflection, water, mercury, and the balance of white and black.

Example Of Personal Mythology With Silver

“Silver is my element because it represents purification. It is antibacterial, used in medicine, has a rich mythology of killing monsters, and I believe in fighting evil with pure intentions. When I was a child my grandmother gave me a silver ring when I was going through something very difficult in life and I have always cherished silver since then.”

Silver Mythos

Having silver in your personal mythology can lead to an emphasis on virtues, doing what is right rather than what is fun or beneficial to yourself; focus on being the neutral party in matters of friction; and a love for cleanliness and organization.

Taking It Further By Relating It To Your Beliefs

Here are a few belief examples that have been enhanced with silver.

“I believe in ‘killing with kindness’ and so when I encounter problems, I think of my words and actions as silver bullets that do not harm, but instead impact each target with empathy and understanding.

I believe in investing deeply in those you care about. Silver is used to embellish precious gems. I find in life that I seek out people who I consider precious gems and gild them like a silver setting around a jewel. I do this by investing in them in every way I can.”

Observing The Negative Impacts The Silver Mythos Has Had In Your Life

“I have sometimes abused my silver bullets by saying something ‘pure and true’ when the time was not appropriate. And there are times I have invested too much in people I considered gems but chose not to shine as brightly as they could have.”

Personal Mythology Has Practical Everyday Use

  • It deepens you through self discovery. You will realize things about your world views, your actions, your past, and more that you had never thought of.
  • It realigns you. When you question a decision that lies before you, or even your path in life, you can refer back to your mythos as guidance.
  • It roots out destructive myths. We all have them and if we do not recognize and work with them they do impose themselves on our lives.
  • It reframes our perspective, making any mental challenge possible. When you know how to change your mind, you can so much more easily overcome or move through grief, sadness, loss, and anxiety.
  • It’s incredibly fun and rewarding.

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