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Cruella de Vil’s Story

Orphaned from a young age, Cruella believed right away that she was not only different, but superior. This gets her in a lot of trouble which her mother has a difficult time curbing, going as far to demand that her daughter stop presenting as her persona, Cruella, and instead as the nicer persona, Estella (her birth name). After significant damage to her family she promises her mother she will stop misbehaving, so it could be reasonable to believe she does find fault in herself despite her myths of superiority and much love for her mother, enough that she would at least try to change her ways. This indicates that her love for her mother is basically the only ‘defect’ in her armor, her only weakness.

She creates trouble once again and is lead to believe that she has killed her mother. Her mother was the only one taking care of her and willing to put up with her. The loss cuts her so deeply she runs away. This solidifies for her the personal myth of being deeply wrong, so much so that she performs a dramatic hair change ritual and the changing of her name back to Estella to enact a myth of becoming someone else. Mythologically, the person she wanted to be, Cruella, died with her mother out of shame and guilt and perhaps the posthumus forgiveness of her mother.

She then finds out her admired fashion designer boss (The Baroness) was responsible for her mother’s death and vows revenge. The persona of Cruella is redeemed, relieved of the burden of her mother’s death, Cruella is able to be resurrected from the dead. She gets her revenge, stages the death of her old persona, Estella, giving her the mental freedom to live her life as Cruella.

Other Notes

  • Notice how all insults roll right off Cruella. She always knows her worth.
  • But she does believe being called normal is a “cruel insult”.
  • The Baroness believes you can’t care about people. They are obstacles and if you care then you will live a bitter life and die not having used your genius.
  • Notice past the first half of movies there is rarely more personal myths revealed. The first half is for revealing them while the second half is generally for enacting them, and usually a singular large change of one of them.

Cruella de Vil Stories, Folklore, & Culture

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Having Cruella de Vil In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Believe being seen as normal is a terrible thing.
  • Don’t mind causing trouble if it suits you.
  • Have a deep seated issue to resolve.
  • Are fueled by the negativity of others.
  • Are unpredictable.
  • Can be cruel toward those you love.
  • Have a spark of genius or talent that means everything to you.
  • Are easily admired and despised.

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