Personal Mythology

Black Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Black Seriousness, the unknown, fear, loneliness, sadness, vastness, space, death, shadow, the underworld, discipline, authority, stealth, the subconscious, elegance, formality. Animals Panther, crow, raven, bat, black bear,

Blue Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Blue Sky, water, depth, cold, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, truth, sadness, open spaces, freedom, conservative, predictable, safe, clean. Animals Blue macaw, peacock, bluejay, jellyfish, blue

Purple Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Purple Royalty, sensitivity, luxury, passion, ambition, wealth, extravagance, creativity, dignity, grandeur, devotion, pride, mystery, magic, fantasy, spirituality. Animals Unicorn, beta fish, octopus, jellyfish, mermaid, violet sabrewing hummingbird,

Red Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Red Fire, blood, courage, energy, war, danger, strength, determination, fruit, berries, ripeness, passion, desire, love, spice, heart, pain, emergency. Animals Fire ant, dragon, crab, red panda, red

Orange Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Orange Adventure, warmth, fire, fall, instinct, hunger, confidence, risk taking, socializing, over-bearing, activity, change, courage, optimism, extroversion. Animals Tiger, puma, fox, orangutang, monarch butterfly, coy fish, squirrel,

Yellow Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Yellow Happiness, fun, friendship, warmth, sweet or sour foods, caution, light, sun, hunger, stimulation, irritation, cowardice, anxiety, tropical, gold, curiosity, summer. Animals Canary, jaguar, lion, cheetah, bee,

Green Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of Green Life, nature, growth, youth, harmony, freshness, healing, money, envy, luck, poison, mold, relaxation, peace, balance, safety, fertility, witch or zombie skin. Animals Frog, caterpillar, praying mantis,

White Color Power Meaning & Symbolism

The Powers of White Purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, cleanliness, faith, sterility, truth, surrender, humility, sincerity, protection, confession, perfection, forgiveness, sacred. Animals Wolf, polar bear, rabbit, horse, mouse, dove,

Dream Incubation Ritual

While laying in bed, think of what topic you’d like to dream about, a problem you’d like to solve, or art you’d like to create. Now tell yourself mentally or

Decompress Anti-Stress Bath Ritual

We all know a bath is a great way to relax…until it isn’t. What I mean is that sometimes we go into a situation looking for an outcome to happen

Northern Star Ritual

“If you are working on something you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs Many consider this the signature ritual of the

What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

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I Am The Big Bang

Recite at the beginning of each day. I, and every being and thing around me are the most recent versions of the Big Bang.

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