Kraken Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

In some cultures the Kraken symbolizes intelligence. With the likeness to the octopus it may suggest those that relate are amazing multi-taskers, and are very calculated and goal oriented. As the Kraken topples ships likewise a Kraken-person can topple empires. With the intellect and drive, they can accomplish anything once they set their minds to a solution. They are also creatures needing to be free in the wide open ocean, meaning they may not do well being cooped up or stuck in one situation or location.

Dreaming of a Kraken can allude to multiple things. Dreaming Of a Kraken with a fisherman, can denote an overbearing boss. If inside a confined space can infer a complication with collaboration in regards to a friend or collogue. Though an overall undertone with these dreams may be evaluating and seeking out truths in situations.

Kraken Stories, Folklore, & Culture

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Having Kraken In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Are intelligent and value knowledge and facts above all else.
  • Hate feeling confined to one Job, location, or even relationship
  • Have a bigger than life personality, but may be see as overly domineering.
  • May seek employment in technology, engineering, or even politics

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