Bee Symbolism, Meaning, & Dream Interpretation


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Bee Symbolism, Meaning, & Dream Interpretation

Bee’s are very similar to Ants with their industrious communal work ethic. Bees were blessed with wings giving them the ability to reach and collect the immortal nectar honey. They symbolism the vital principal and incarnation of the soul. It’s a symbol of resurrection. Symbolizes eloquence, poetry, perfectionism, extraordinary and divine intelligence. Business, community, good fortune.

If you dream of bees buzzing good news may come your way. Even if you dream of a bee sting it is often considered good fortune.

Bee Stories, Folklore, Mythology, & Legend

Folklore suggests bees are born from the tears of the Egyptian sun god Rah. Fables of the Sudanese depict the bee as a symbol of royalty. Ancient Egyptians also associated the bee with lightning.

As a symbol of the soul the bee was associated with the Greek underworld and could represent the soul traveling to the underworld or leaving it’s body.

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