What Is Personal Mythology?

Sidian Morning Star

Sidian Morning Star

Personal Mythologist

Author, singer, designer, and Open Source Religion guy. My passion is beliefs.

A Personal Myth is a story that affects your behavior.

Personal mythology is the art of working with the stories of your Inner Space. If you want to be happier, to see the romantic, to experience your favorite versions of you and the life around you, you must adjust your mythos (story).

Think about it – if you spend time worrying, you are then “a worrier”. This will not only train your mind to do more of this, but will also bleed into the personality you show everyone else. Now why you worry is because of your personal myths. Things like there is too much to do; life never slows down; if I’m not productive then I’ve waisted my day. These beliefs, these personal myths are the lenses you look through, coloring your every thought, feeling, and action.

That’s right, Personal Mythology determines everything about you: your beliefs, who you love, what you buy. It has shaped who you are today and who you will become. It is the universe of your Inner Space.

Choosing to paint a room yellow because “it’s a happy color”, feeling very close to raccoons because “they’re so curious and playful”, saying “a person’s worth is known by the fruits of their labor”, these are all personal myths. We gather them from experience, media, authorities, family, and much more. You are unconscious of most your personal myths, and yet they determine all your choices in life!

Myth is More Powerful than Fact

Personal myths do not operate in the world of “right or wrong”. They operate in the world of “true for you”. So for the individual who believes in it, a personal myth is always true. In fact, these myths are often powerful enough to overpower factual truth. So you must be vigilant in the use of your Mythologist’s Lenses in order to see why you have adopted certain stars into your constellation of beliefs.

There is always a counter-myth. Many people in the world hold the myth that “Life is for relaxing and enjoying. Appreciate what you already have.” while many others believe “You aren’t worth anything unless you work hard.” Now of the two myths – which is true? Both of course, to the right people.

Conclusion and The Power of Personal Mythology

Like a dream, personal mythology may be acted upon or act upon you. It happens to you and happens from you. If you do not have the tools to see it, it will determine for you, who you love, what you buy, how you think. But if you develop the tools, not only can you stop from being under its control, you can literally build the world within your Inner Space, thus changing every aspect of who you are into every way you wish to be.

The MyMythos and MyMythos Kids projects aim to provide you and your family with the tools to develop your personal mythology – the meanings in your life. Through personal mythology you will find better ways to improve your self, diet, parenting, grief, sleep, relationships, the possibilities are endless.