Inner Space: The Universe Inside You

Sidian Morning Star

Sidian Morning Star


Author, singer, designer, and Open Source Religion guy. My passion is beliefs.

Inner Space is the universe inside you filled with worlds you’ve unconsciously created for years. These worlds are complex living ecologies populated with countless archetypes. Each day you bring these worlds and archetypes into focus, and in return they fill you with thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

For instance, most of us have inner worlds dedicated to work environments. For Jake, his “work world” is taken over by (what he thinks of as) the Slime of Doom. When this slimy work world is brought into focus for Jake he becomes tired, cynical, hopeless, and depressed. Because of this he does not work well, and his co-workers don’t invite him to events.

Jake is at the end of his rope. But this depressing darkness in his life causes him to finally take a good look inside himself. Why am I so tired and upset at work? It’s because the people at work are so bland. Just a bunch of corporate robots. I could never be like that. And so Jake begins a journey into art, which he considers something different.

By reflecting on his Inner Space, by exploring one of his many worlds, Jake has discovered one of his Core Values; uniqueness. He was able to turn his negative energy into a creative one. If he keeps exploring, he may find empathy for his coworkers, and even some motivation or satisfaction in his work.

I sometimes refer to your Personal Mythology as Inner Space because I want you to understand and integrate some concepts from this metaphor:

Depth and Vastness

The universe inside you gives constant and endless opportunity to deepen you, grow you, make you a better and even more interesting person. But you cannot add to your map what you have not first discovered.


The satisfaction of self-discovery is like no other. This is how the map of your Inner Space is revealed. With Personal Mythology you will gain tools to take on the life long art and skill of self-discovery.

World Building

This is your universe. You will learn to consciously build your worlds within it. Worlds of gratitude, productivity, confidence, strength, or any other value you desire.

Infinite Possibility

There is no end and no beginning to Inner Space because of course, there is no limits to outer space, and they are one and the same. The drop is the ocean and the ocean is the drop.

Discover Your Inner Space

Let’s take a look at your Inner Space and some of the worlds you bring into focus in your life. An easy way to discover these worlds is to think about the kinds of thoughts and feelings that seem to be most common in your life (both the good and the bad).

  • What kind of values, myths, and archetypes inhabit these worlds?
  • Which worlds would you like to focus on more often?
  • Which might you like to deconstruct?

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