Connect With the Jaguar in the Munay Ki and Daily Life

Connect With the Jaguar in the Munay Ki and Daily Life

We have begun to look in depth at the animal archetypes of the Munay Ki. The Munay Ki is a set of nine rites that are derived from the teachings of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru. “Munay”= LOVE “Ki”=ENERGY and together they translate into “Energy of Love”. Passed down across many generations for us to take hold of and be empowered through, for it is believed that these rites are our birthright.

Today we will be discussing the great Jaguar in Munay Ki and the other aspects of this incredibly powerful archetype to begin implementing it into our daily ritual and protecting our sacred space.

In the Munay Ki, The Jaguar is associated with the west. This direction represents the element of water..the sacred womb and the gateway to the worlds below. The Jaguar is called upon to devour the energies which do not belong to us. The Jaguar influence shows us the way beyond death, fear, guilt, shame and all other beliefs that do not serve our highest good.

The Jaguar is also called upon in the Munay Ki to help us evolve into peaceful warriors who are not impelled to participate in battle, internally or externally, but instead gain the knowledge and courage to ask for what we desire. This allows us to leap ahead into the direction that will serve us and our higher purpose the most while coming from a place of love.

In the teachings of the Munay Ki, the Jaguar teaches us to move into our new directions fearlessly while trusting our instincts and intuition. Through flexibility and tenacity, we are able to embrace the gifts of spirit. We are also taught to move silently..knowing when to react with empowerment and maneuver with grace through challenging situations.

The Jaguar will show us the way to the underworld and lead us to where the secrets of life and creation rest.

In Myth, The Jaguar is often associated with royalty, magic and war. We get most of our Jaguar myths from parts of Central America, Mexico and South America. The highest order of Aztec warriors were called the Jaguars and were known for their agility and aggressiveness in the jungle environments, however, their aim was not to kill all of their enemies. They were also tasked with bringing back prisoners that would be used (although somewhat reluctantly) in the sacrificial rituals atop the pyramids.

In the Mayan Pantheon, Ahau-Kin Is known as the Jaguar lord and Lord of the Underworld. The Jaguar is often associated with the nocturnal and the underworld itself. At the Temple of the Jaguar at Chichen Itza, the king had to walk beneath a frieze of a procession of jaguars during his coronation ceremony. There is an incredible song by the band/project “Ayreon” Called “Temple of the Cat” That provides a great imaginative ride into this temple.

With that said, There are even tales of Jaguars in Roman myths. The Roman God Bacchus, the God of wine, who is derived from the Greek God Dionysus was said to have been nursed by Panthers (Jaguars with black coloring) and is often seen in a chariot being pulled by the powerful cats.

As for other aspects of the Jaguar, there are many lessons and principles we may learn from this power creature. Think of the Jaguar, this big cat does not have many rivals and can walk it’s path with confidence and empowerment, knowing that it has the power to be extremely influential and in control of its domain.

We too can walk with this confidence when we are able to see others not as rivals, but as partners. When we know our influence is powerful and we can make conscious choices that affect the atmosphere of the room, the environment, the home, the office etc, we can feel the empowerment and use it to serve the highest good of all, not just ourselves.

The Jaguar is extremely tenacious and flexible. Knowing when to strike and when to be patient. When the Jaguar strikes, it is sure of itself and its impending success. Can we learn to do the same? Being patient does not mean being unsure.

Timing..tact..gracefulness are all important in our daily lives and personal relationships.

When we make a move, whether it be our career choice, our residence and other big decisions, are we being patient?

Are we maneuvering with grace and seeing the situation from more than one angle and making a sure, confident effort?

Are we able to move quickly when the time is right and make an impact in our lives or the lives of others when called upon?

Could embracing the more aggressive, yet graceful aspects of the Jaguar help us to take control of our lives with confidence and self control?

Can we appreciate the Jaguar’s association with the underworld and use it to see our own shadow self and navigate through it without fear, guilt and uncertainty?

When facing a path that divides or a decision that requires action, Call upon this powerful archetype and its influence to help guide you along your journey.

Blessed Be, +Josh Hammond

Josh Hammond

My name is Josh Hammond. I am an avid student of Mythology, Ancient History, Metaphysics, Symbolism and other things. I run the Facebook page, Lifting Shadows Mythology. I am honored to be contributing to this incredible website. Thank you!

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