Connect With the Hummingbird in the Munay Ki and Daily Life

Connect With the Hummingbird in the Munay Ki and Daily Life


I’d love to begin an incredibly powerful series on 4 of the power animals involved in a very powerful area of study that I have enjoyed called the Munay Ki. The Munay Ki is a set of nine empowerment rites based on the Q’ero Shamans of Peru. “Munay”= LOVE “Ki”=ENERGY and together they translate into “Energy of Love”. Passed down across many generations for us to take hold of and be empowered through, for it is believed that these rites are our birthright. I will go into the deeper aspects of the Munay Ki with time, but for now I would like to focus on the power animals and their role in the rites that are a part of this incredible experience.

The animals of the Munay Ki are referred to as archetypes and rightfully so. They are each an embodiment of the principles that help to organize the universe. They are pure potential, planted into each of our chakras. Our ability to have a relationship with them allows us to help them grow into powerful forces within us that help us to awaken our desires and dreams. The experiences are personal and unique to all that open themselves to their influences.

Today, we will be talking about the Hummingbird. Primarily the hummingbird’s role in the Munay Ki and also the other symbolic aspects of this incredible archetype in our world. In the Munay Ki, The Hummingbird is commonly associated with the north direction.

This is the direction of ancestral wisdom. The gateway to infinity. The stars and the pentacle. The hummingbird helps us to find the courage within to embark on a grand journey. Hummingbirds themselves are famous for their incredible journeys. For example, vast amounts of hummingbirds migrate every year from Brazil to Canada…wow!

We can really tap into the energies and influence of this incredible creature and when we do, we may be impelled by powerful forces to embark on our own grand journey that may eventually lead us back to our source and help us ground in what gives us life day by day. The very birthplace of our spirit, where we were created.

If you find that you are conflicted in embracing your journey, whether it be an issue of emotions, money, courage or even the know-how, The hummingbird can provide the energies for abundance and success if we choose to acknowledge it’s wisdom.

The hummingbird seeks out and partakes in the nectar of life! Not from plants that do not serve it’s highest good, but from flowers that have a bounty to give. The hummingbird is quite known for being able to find stillness even in motion. We can implement this into our daily lives by remembering that even in our most turbulent times, whether internal or external, in our darkest hours, there is still a place we may find still, calm peace and serenity as we nurture ourselves from the flowers of life that the universe provides for us.

Impossible is nothing for the hummingbird and those who draw upon it’s influence.

In Native American beliefs, the hummingbird was revered deeply as a spirit guide or a helper. Often, they were depicted in myth and in art as a mated pair, symbolizing eternity, loyalty and life. It is widely believed that seeing a hummingbird before a major undertaking or travel is a sign of good luck.

I believe that the hummingbird serves to show us the gift of perseverance and of adaptability even when the odds are against us or when the adventure or journey we wish to take may seem out of reach. The hummingbird has a wonderful way of showing us a very important principle. That is, they are small in stature but great in spirit. We as individuals may get so caught up in waiting for ourselves and our spirit to reach a certain level of what we think is true strength instead of surrendering to the flow of life and learning to be adaptable, all the while learning about ourselves and our environment through the process of our journey.

In myth, these principles are demonstrated. For instance, in a Mojave myth, the primordial people lived in an underground world of darkness. They would send a hummingbird up through the dark and twisted corridors to find the sunlight. Perhaps a parallel to the experience of us and our path to enlightenment or self discovery. We do not need much to find it, no matter how twisted and scary the path may seem. In many myths, the Hummingbird is a liaison of sorts between mankind and the Gods, often acting on mankind’s behalf and bringing reassurance.

When you see a hummingbird, reflect on your own journey..what obstacles may you have the chance to transcend by drawing on the influence of this powerful creature?

Look to the North and invite this powerful archetype into your life’s journey!


Blessed Be, +Josh Hammond.

Josh Hammond

My name is Josh Hammond. I am an avid student of Mythology, Ancient History, Metaphysics, Symbolism and other things. I run the Facebook page, Lifting Shadows Mythology. I am honored to be contributing to this incredible website. Thank you!

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