The Walking Dead: Would You Kill Someone Who Stole From You?


About The Situation

In The Walking Dead Season 6, episode 10 “The Next World” , Rick and Daryl find a truckload of food and supplies. As they are preparing to leave a man who says his friends call him Jesus runs straight into Rick. Rick and Daryl draw their weapons as Jesus explains he was sorry and only running from a hoard of walking dead. He seems friendly enough. Just a guy trying to get by perhaps. “This is the next world. I hope it’s good to you guys.” he says and to beware the oncoming hoard.

Jesus Walking Dead Next World
Jesus Walking Dead Next World

Just after he leaves gunshots are heard. Rick and Daryl again draw weapons and head around the building. Firecrackers. Behind them their truck starts up, and Jesus, the friendly thief, is gone with the loot. Turns out when he ran into Rick, he had pocketed the keys.

Rick and Daryl, with little other choice, take to the road to try their luck at tracking and catching the thief. After much running, Jesus is seen in the distance, kneeling, seemingly fixing up the truck a bit. Rick and Daryl loop around through the forest to get within attacking range.

About You

You are Rick and/or Daryl. You have loaded weapons that you are a very good shot with. The man you encountered was a thief yet gracious enough not to draw weapons on you. You have him in sight and the element of surprise on your side, what do you do? Shoot and kill from a distance? Rush in and tie him up? Something else?

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