Connecting With The Serpent In the Munay Ki and Daily Life

Part 4 in this powerful series covering the animal archetypes of the Munay Ki.

Stay tuned from a more in depth analysis of the serpent and the REAL STORY coming soon!

In our final entry of this 4 part series on the animal archetypes in the Munay Ki, we will be taking a look at one of the most talked about and revered creatures in existence. The Serpent. The Snake. The Danger Noodle. The Nope Rope..whatever title you prefer to use :) If you resonate with the serpent, get ready for a great journey.

You may be aware by now that the Munay Ki is a set of 9 rites of initiation that come to us from the Q’ero Shamans in Peru. Munay Ki is translated into “Energy of Love”. It is believed that these rites are our birthright and that we may harness the power within these rites to fuel our co-creative power and unlock our potential. Each animal archetype we have discussed is associated with a direction of the earth and represent many important qualities that we may choose to learn from.

The Serpent in the Munay Ki represents the direction of the South. This direction represents the wand and the fire! Excited yet? When opening the medicine space and invoking the archetypes of the directions, we are taught to extend our hand to the south and imagine the serpent wrapping its coils of light around us. One coil at a time, suffusing us with its incredible energies.

The serpent teaches us to walk softly on Mother Earth and symbolizes creation, fertility and transformation. Serpent teaches us to get rid of or shed our old ways and habits as we continue to evolve into higher spiritual beings.

In the Munay Ki, the serpent offers us assistance in the dying of the old and a new birth into previously undiscovered power, ability, creativity and wisdom. Serpent is seen as a totem of power, transmutation and renewal. We are taught to transmute our toxins and our poisons into energies that can serve to heal us.

The Serpent is highly revered in the Munay Ki, serving as a guardian of sacred places and the keeper of hidden knowledge.

In Mythology, the serpent makes an appearance in many myths, often associated with creation, destruction, rain, fertility, transformation and other qualities. I will be writing another article fully diving into the mythology of the serpent, for it is a pretty vast area to cover!

Snakes are known for shedding their skin..developing themselves under the old skin and emerging from it, continuing their journey without the baggage of the old self.

We can learn from this by remembering that we too may need to “shed” some things from our lives. Whether it be habits, beliefs, guilt, fears, relationships, jobs, sometimes there are things in our lives that we have made a part of our “skin” by feeding and nurturing them. They will be a part of us as long as we allow them to be involved in our walking meditation.

Are we feeding this skin with our normal thoughts or are we developing on the inside and emerging from within ourselves, preparing to shed the skin of that which does not serve our highest good?

Think of how adaptable snakes are. We see snakes on the ground, snakes in the water, snakes in the trees..snakes on a plane..oh wait. They have adapted to live in virtually all environments and walk softly on each.

Are we allowing ourselves to be adaptable and thrive wherever it is that we choose to be? Notice that the serpent walks softly..not harshly and not with a will to conquer the earth. Instead, the serpent works WITH the earth to thrive and respects the earth in that process. This is so key! If we learned to work with our environments, contribute to them while receiving from them, how much better might we be doing?

Instead of dominating and separating, disassociating ourselves from nature, the planet as a whole and each other, can we learn to walk softly? Collaborate? Certainly this does not mean being means being strong in our knowledge that we are one.

I encourage you to think of the serpent in your daily journey. Remember the principles that we are shown through this powerful archetype. Look for an in depth article and analysis on the serpent in mythology and daily life coming soon on Lifting Shadows Mythology Facebook Page.

It has been my honor to share the animal archetypes of the Munay Ki with you. It is truly a powerful practice that one may draw much inspiration and enlightenment from.

Please follow our Facebook Page, Lifting Shadows Mythology for more articles and for the other 3 parts of this series covering the Hummingbird, The Jaguar and the Eagle.


Blessed Be, +Josh Hammond.

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