The self discovery experience you always wanted without spending hundreds of hours or dollars to get it. Get started now, surprise yourself over and over with what you will find!

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  • 8 Color Archetype Pages
  • 12 Archetype Roles Pages

It's time to see yourself in a new light, and set your life's path in motion. Explore your own mythological story that will leave you knowing and feeling like an expert on who you are.

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Personal Mythology is the study of how stories shape our beliefs. This carefully designed collection holds the keys to the most essential doors of your Inner Space. You’ll be uncovering hidden messages from within, looking at universal signs in your life, and going on a spiritual scavenger hunt to recollect what makes you you. Everyone has a story; these are the tools you need to discover yours.

Are you tired of feeling like people don’t really know you? Like they will never understand the depth of what makes you who you are? Do you wonder why it feels like sometimes their aren’t just two parts of you, but 10 different ones fighting for attention at once? You’re not alone. At MyMythos we have a passion for rejuvenating your identity and inspiring you to your life path.

Don’t wait. You are the star of your movie, so take an active role! Honor your story for yourself and share it with those you love. They have never seen you so deeply, truly, and profoundly.

When I fill out my own worksheets I always feel as if I’ve created something sacred. A true reflection of my deeper self. Even more exciting is that I can share this with others! It blows my mind every time I read others worksheets because I always learn something about them far deeper than our conversations had lead on. I want you to have the same experience.

My name is Sidian M.S. Jones and this is your mythos.

What animal are you?

What color are you?

What element are you?

What realm are you?

And Why?

discover & create your mythos

12 Doors to Inner Space

Surprise yourself with what you’ll discover through every door.


Inner Space Lv 1

Inner Space is the universe within the self where all beliefs, fears, and values reside.


Mythic Color Lv 1

Colors represent our emotions and can flash between hues moment to moment.


Mythic Animal Lv 1

Animals symbolize our primal nature and instincts. Nature’s powerful archetypal models.


Mythic Element Lv 1

Elements are like modes of being and living. Each embodying sacred methods of experience.


Mythic Realm Lv 1

Realms are like default locations within. Places we find ourselves again and again for better or worse.


Mythic Core Values Lv 1

Our Core Values establish the basic paradigm by which we think, feel, and behave.


Mythic Biography Lv 1

Revitalize your life story by giving it the energy and honor of telling it. 


Mythic Roles Lv 1

12 archetypal roles to explore including the Caregiver, Hero, Lover, Jester, Magician, Sage, Creator, Rebel, and more.


Family Mythos Lv 1

You are the fruit of your family tree. What personal myths have you grown without knowing?


Culture Mythos Lv 1

Culture is the collection of many individual people’s myths and very effective at directing your beliefs.


Mythic Laws Lv 1

Everyone lives by a set of sacred laws. Things they will never do, or must do, or must be. What are yours?


Northern Star Ritual Lv 1

Recalibrate your identity and desires. See your life Path illuminated so that you may walk it.

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    It really surprised me actually. I wasn’t expecting to discover much about myself but its true I really felt like I walked away knowing myself and my place in life so much better. I did print out the sheets and bought a binder that will be here soon because its so neat to be able to hold them in your hands. Will definitely recommend this and personal mythology to my friends.

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