Great Flood

Great floods can signify tragedy, loss, helplessness, and grief. People and animals die, and property is destroyed, often leaving individuals without any previous connections, thus great floods can also represent isolation and disconnection from one’s attachments. People can feel they have been ‘washed or carried away’ by a tragedy of some kind.

However, great floods can also symbolize triumph in the face of adversity. To survive such an epic event is a miraculous feat. It can put a person in the position of never worrying about daily tribulations while they focus entirely on survival. In the case of the Bible it remind people to not disobey this God’s commands, but also gave them hope that the God would one day fix things. Thus great floods can symbolize rebirth, transformation, spiritual rebalancing and cleansing at great cost.

The meaning of great floods can be helpful for dealing with difficult times in one’s life. A great flood can help put things into perspective; it reminds us that we cannot predict what life will do to us but that we can learn from our experiences and grow through them.

Blue White Symbolism, Meaning, & Dream Interpretation


Blue can be the deepest color plunging into infinity ever escaping into it. It is one of the most rare colors on earth occurring in the shimmer of translucency. Often representing the depths of the void and heavens all in one. It can be pure, frosty, cold and allows things to disappear and vanish into its vast oceans and endless skies. It is a giver of life with ocean but can be endlessly cruel with its stormy attitude.

Often a meditative soft color in the lighter realms. As blue darkens it begins to represent something deeper and more dreamlike. Symbolizes dreams, the unreal, surreal, day, calm, lofty, eternity, superhuman and inhuman parts of ourselves. It can be clinical, clean, intelligent, soothing or depressing.

Dreaming of blue is a liberation of worry or an indication you may receive help from outside sources.

Black and White Symbolism, Meaning, & Dream Interpretation

Black and White

Black and white symbolizes the eternal struggle between day and night, good and evil, and right and wrong.



Oneness is often known as the state of being one and the same with the universe. Oneness erases the boundaries between you and the universe. It is the merging of all concepts, in which there is no past or future, only the moment of now and also in which there is past and future; in which space and time both exist and do not exist; chaos and order. It can be said to be the ultimate “Is-ness”.



The symbolism of black varies greatly from time and place.

It can represent tension, darker sides of personalities while symbolizing professionalism and stoicism. Black can symbolize the ill treated and forgiveness. Associated with evil, darkness, night, and despair. It’s the color used to convey certainty and authority. When paired with white it is symbol of the eternal struggle between day and night, good and evil, and right and wrong.

Dreaming of black is often an ill omen unless associated with a funeral or success.