You are art for the world to devour

Much like sushi,
You are raw & intimidating to most, but as you delve into the layers you soon realize there is much more than meets the eye. You are something crafted, you have taken years perfecting your game: from business to bedroom moves, you have studied, learned and adapted while keeping one foot planted in the tried and true. You are a rich delicacy worth socializing over, ranting and raving about all the things you have taken time to perfect.You have got so much to offer with your dream projects & you are going to roll all of it into neat breathtaking works of art for the world to devour. People are going to put on there best and pay to experience all that is you, because experience is everything, and those who understand that love you. I Sushi.

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  1. I adore being noticed. And especially being noticed for how carefully I’ve designed things, including myself. Thank you. I love the metaphor. Raw, intimidating, carefully crafted. It’s perfect.

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