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My Soul Is a Desert

The desert is a fairly serious landscape. Issues within it are rarely complicated for the most part; you survive or you do not.

I am both dying and surviving. The ways in which I survive are precise, few in number, and very hearty; yet if these few methods were removed, there would be no life left.

I am home to a limited number of creatures, but each of them have advanced skills in self preservation. Their sole source of evolution is scarcity and severe conditions.

I run on very little. But in all my adaptation to severity, I admire abundance. I do not admire being raised fat within it, but I crave the absence of worrying about necessities.

There is little to distract you in the desert. Focus is both key to survival, and a natural condition within such a stark land.

The desert strips you of excessives and pits you against them. In this way, the desert is a teacher, unloved and misunderstood by most. In the desert you may feel the most punished, but mastering life within it rewards you with a pride and self-sufficiency that almost no other climate can.

The desert is a place to learn, to take life seriously, to find great understanding of who you really are, to pray for the mercy of Mother Nature that she may let you live. It is not a place to grow comfortable, complacent, or otherwise fatten the body and mind. It is like a sea of near nothingness, in which you are the most alien feature, sticking out among miles of flat land. Your journey becomes less about traversing the space around you, and more about exploring the space inside.

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