Black Star Space

My Black Star

A few words on a symbol I can no longer call my own, as it belongs to others as well.

Black holes reduce things to a single dimensional point. Paradox reduces a duality to a singularity. Life is death and they do not exist separate from one another. The black star represents paradox. A light which is dark.

The reduction of dimensions is unity. When the duality of life and death becomes the singularity of lifedeath, it is unity. Therefor paradox transcends duality. Good and evil, light and dark, cold and hot.

Paradox is unity, and that is a paradox, which is unity.

I have an exercise I call The Northern Star mythos. Imagine you will live indefinitely. Think of all the things you consider important today and imagine how many of those things simply wouldn’t matter anymore. Now what is left? Helping people? Building a legacy? Fame? That is your Northern Star. With a Northern Star you now have a navigation system. Every thought and word can be guided with it.

The black in the Black Star is the darkness necessary to see your navigation point. You can be blinded by pure light, and you can be blinded by pure darkness, so incorporate them both.

My path is set in skin.

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