I Am A Demon Hunter

I Am A Demon Hunter

Jung’s Ego is the hero. The goal of Jungian psychology in terms of the Ego’s development is to strengthen the Ego through introspection and integration of the Shadow. And the journey to individuation is mythologically speaking all the trials and tribulations that the hero attempts and by fulfilling these tasks, the hero overcomes his own fears and weaknesses.

I am the demon hunter. More than willing to venture into monster infested realms, knowing that I must consume their shadows to become stronger. I confront issues head on. So familiar, I am, with this process that I have become comfortable wearing demon’s flesh and weapons as my own, to become far more powerful, relying on my excellent self-control to not harm those I love. This is not a perfect process, and sometimes I fail to protect others, but ultimately I am far more powerful than most.

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