Inner Space & Personas: The Universe Inside You

Sidian Morning Star

Sidian Morning Star


Author, singer, designer, and Open Source Religion guy. My passion is beliefs.

Inner Space is the universe inside you filled with beliefs, guides, enemies, rules, curses, and blessings you’ve consciously and unconsciously created for years. It is a complex living ecology of countless archetypes. Each day you interact with, empower, and disempower these archetypes with your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and in return they interact with, empower, and disempower you.

A cluster in your mind of related beliefs, thoughts, guides, enemies, etc, is called a Persona. Personas are consciously and unconsciously brought into focus or activated based upon your current circumstances, environment, people around you, and many other factors. The intent of all Personas is “good” in the sense that they always intend on helping you, even if their method of doing that ends up being destructive. When becoming sick, you might unconsciously activate a childlike Persona in which you feel emotionally vulnerable and wish to be taken care of, even if the care is just symbolic gestures. And you might lash out if this desire is not fulfilled.

Another example, most of us have a Persona dedicated to work environments. For Jake, his “work world” is taken over by (what he thinks of as) the Slime of Doom. When this slimy work world is brought into focus for Jake he becomes tired, cynical, hopeless, and depressed. Because of this he does not work well, and his co-workers can’t stand him behaving this way, so they don’t invite him to events.

Jake is emotionally at the end of his rope. But one day this depressing darkness in his life causes him to finally take a good look inside himself. He allows himself a moment of self-reflection, some Shadow Work. Why am I so tired and upset at work? It’s because the people at work are so bland. Just a bunch of corporate robots. I could never be like that. And so Jake begins a journey into art, which he considers something different. The point is not that Jake’s Personal Mythology is accurate or not – the point is that it changes him…and he can change it.

By going into his Inner Space and exploring one of his Personas, Jake has discovered one of his Core Values; uniqueness. He was able to turn his negative energy into a creative one. If he keeps exploring, he may find empathy for his coworkers, and even some motivation or satisfaction in his work life. He might realize they just work a little harder at staying positive in a less than ideal situation.

Persona Plurality

Whenever you have said part of me wants to do this thing, but another part of me really doesn’t want to, you have interacted with two or more Personas in a debate with one another.

Personas will often clash with one another. They clash because they are unique from one another. They are unique from one another because they serve different purposes. They come in every flavor you can imagine. Some are caring, some are nasty, but all mean well and can be changed to create an overall better personality for you.

In day to day life we usually operate in a “blended” mode with our Personas. That is to say that we do not often differentiate between them, acknowledging each individual need or desire of these Personas. Rather, we group them up together and make our decisions as a single but scattered mind, ignoring the reality that we have many minds. Most of us (likely all of us) reading this often have internal battles between our Personas. Our Personas have complicated relationships with each other. This isn’t an uncommon issue and we’re going to utilize some tools to help us “unblend” and address these Personas.


It can take a long time of working with your Personas, but when your Personas step out of the way, the Self is revealed. It doesn’t matter whether this Self is of a psychological or spiritual nature, as Personal Mythology will work with it just the same. The Self can be recognized by it’s calm, confident, curious nature, it’s ability to be vulnerable, it’s willingness to listen with neutrality and understanding to it’s surrounding Personas. The Self is always undamaged and non victimized. It has the capability of unraveling and healing all Personas. It is without ego, and is inherent in all people.

Discover Your Personas

Let’s take a look at your Inner Space and some of the Personas you bring into focus in your life. An easy way to discover these Personas is to think about the kinds of thoughts and feelings that seem to be most common in your life (both the good and the bad).





  • What kind of values, myths, and archetypes inhabit these Personas?
  • Which Personas would you like to focus on more often?
  • Which might you like to encounter less of, or heal?
  • Thank them. The part of you that learned to tie your shoes, etc.
  • Ask them how long they have been a part of you.
  • Ask them how old they are.
  • Update them on your life and who you are now.
  • Where in the body do you most feel this Persona?
  • Build a connection from Self to Persona.
  • Whenever a judgement is made about a part, ask that part to step aside for a moment so that you can listen better. Judgments aren’t just it’s stupid, it’s silly, or it’s bad. They can also be “I don’t like it” and similar.

I often refer to your Personal Mythology as Inner Space because I want you to understand and integrate some concepts from this metaphor:

Depth and Vastness

The universe inside you gives constant and endless opportunity to deepen you, grow you, make you a better and even more interesting person. But you cannot add to your world what you have not first discovered. To reclaim power over your Inner Space you must shed the light of consciousness on each dark planet.


The satisfaction of self-discovery is like no other. It’s something we were not taught in school, but this is how the map of your Inner Space is revealed. With Personal Mythology you will gain the tools to take on the life long art and skill of self-discovery.

World Building

This is your universe. You will learn to consciously build your worlds within it. Worlds of gratitude, productivity, confidence, strength, or any other value you desire.

Infinite Possibility

There is no end and no beginning to Inner Space because of course, there is no limits to outer space, and they are one and the same. The drop is the ocean and the ocean is the drop.


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