Personal Mythology
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Welcome! In this course you will discover the essentials of what personal mythology is, how it affects you, how to discover yours, and how to design it.

Before you begin please read What Is Personal Mythology?

  1. What is Personal Mythology?
  2. What is an Archetype?
  3. Are Myths False, Lies, or Wrong?
  4. Conclusion and The Power of Personal Mythology
  5. People Are Mythological Creatures
  6. Mythologist’s Tools, How To Unearth Myths
  7. Your Core Values Lv 1
  8. Your Core Values Lv 2
  9. Northern Star Ritual
  10. Inner Space: The Universe Inside You
  11. Inner Space 2
  12. Your Color
  13. Your Element
  14. Your Animal
  15. Your Symbol
  16. Your Realm

Course lessons are subject to change.





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Disclaimer: Please heed this warning. Self-guided work with archetypes may produce strong thoughts, emotions, and memories. If you are overwhelmed with what emerges and feel you cannot handle it on your own, consult a mental health professional to help you navigate the process. These courses are not a substitute for professional help and Sidian is not a therapist, nor psychologist.

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Inner Space & Personas: The Universe Inside You

Inner Space & Personas: The Universe Inside You

Inner Space is the universe inside you filled with beliefs, guides, enemies, rules, curses, and blessings you've consciously and unconsciously created for years. It is a complex living ecology of countless archetypes. Each day you interact with, empower, and...

The Northern Star Ritual

The Northern Star Ritual

"If you are working on something you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." -Steve Jobs The purpose of the Norther Star Ritual is to Realize who exactly it is you wish to be. Establish a constant set of goals and principals to which you...