Personal Mythology: The Power To Discover & Design Yourself

Sidian Morning Star

Sidian Morning Star

Personal Mythologist

Author, singer, designer, and Open Source Religion guy. My passion is beliefs.

Before beginning please read What Is Personal Mythology?

Did you know that singing happy birthday makes cake taste better? Or that dressing in a lab coat will make you perform better on tests? That fictional characters influence how you live your life? The impact of your beliefs about things resonates through every part of your life. I call Personal Mythology the waking dream, because like a dream, if you are not acting upon the power of Personal Mythology, it is 100% acting on you.

In a class full of students a professor says “I do not make this class easy. You will struggle to get a good grade here.”. For many of the students this is terrible news. Their mythology might be “The most important thing about school is just getting a degree. What you learn doesn’t matter much, so I don’t want to work very hard at it.”. Some other students will be very happy with this announcement because their mythos is “I really, really care about this subject and want to learn as much as possible. A strict teacher is a good teacher.”. Who’s going to get the better grade?

Now here’s the awesome part – you can choose which of those students you wish to be and it is not only easy, it’s also fun as hell. There are exercises, rituals, and tools to do this. Trust me when I say, you are the most fascinating person you know. I promise. And you will get to uncover that person and design the ultimate version of them.

One of the most significant findings in Psychology, in the last 20 years, is that individuals can choose the way they think.
– Martin Seligman

You gain your mythology from so many sources: parents, experiences, siblings, religions, cultures, advertisements, news, leaders, and celebrities. Your mythos became more and more formed when your parents reacted to you a certain way; when you found success or failure at a task; when you experienced a breakup; when you chose your favorite color. Each part of your mythology is constantly in a process of being empowered, disempowered, acting upon you, or you acting upon it. With so many angles for the world to manipulate your beliefs coming at you – how could not develop the skill to protect yourself? Every day that you do not harness this power is a day you could have used it to break down your obstacles and unearth the gems inside that will give you the push to write that book you’ve been putting off, learn that skill you keep thinking about, approach that special someone, or pursue your dream job.

Are you a dog or a cat person? Neither? What’s your favorite color? If you were an element, which would it be? And most importantly – why? Whether your answers are simple or complex, they will reveal the deepest, most alluring, imaginative things about you. When you put on your Mythologist’s Lenses, you will see behind each of these seemingly innocuous questions and into the powerful meanings and stories they hide. We’re going to give you the tools and knowledge to discover and design this universe inside you, so that you will have a clear understanding of yourself, why you are who you are, and who exactly it is you aim to be.

First you discover who you are, then you design who you wish to be, then your path is revealed, then you crush the obstacles within it, and then you continue to achieve.

My Background

I used to be an entirely different person. I was too shy to talk to anyone, I had no confidence, and I was constantly battling anxiety and depression. On top of all that, being this way had the compounding effect of making me physically less attractive. Yes, anxiety and depression will make you unattractive. No wonder I couldn’t get a girlfriend! I believed I was a ghost and thus that was the part I played. I had no direction and so I was lost. I wanted to be someone else.

But when I graduated from high school something changed for me. I realized that I didn’t feel any of the pressure to stay a ghost anymore. I realized I could be whomever I wanted without fearing the repercussion of my peers. I also started researching identity because I was suddenly fascinated with this change in me. And out of the dozens of books and hundreds of articles I read, one of them stuck out the most – Personal Mythology, because it deals with and encompasses every other self help book out there. While other self help books tell you what to do and why, they don’t address why you ended up where you are in the first place! You know, the root issue? You can read twelve books on being more charismatic but it isn’t going to change the personal mythology you’ve had that put you in a position to not feel charismatic in the first place.

The book Personal Mythology was introduced to me by a family friend, Stanley Krippner, a psychologist who wrote the book, and one of the founders of Personal Mythology. Dr. Krippner knew right away when we met that I had really devoted myself to understanding psychology, so he and I became fast friends. Together we traveled the world, rubbed elbows with celebrities, authored two books featured on the Joe Rogan podcast, and gave talks about Personal Mythology, Open Source Religion, and my grandfather Rolling Thunder, a famous shaman. Together, all these events completely changed my life and now I want to give back and boost people’s ability to do this for themselves.

Living a life without Personal Mythology is like living in a dream you have no control of . Personal Mythology embraces the fact that people’s metaphorical and emotional realities are more “real” to the human experience than the mathematical and logical. Identities are made of entirely abstract, metaphorical ideas, stories, and values; not math, or even logic. You can be as logical as you want, but if I asked you what color best represents power or love, you’d have one answer and other people would have other answers. All of these answers come from very subjective, personal stories in life that we’ve completely forgotten and yet are coloring our everyday perceptions.

What you currently accept as fact is the most solid, crystalized myth that you are living. Crystalized myth is known as truth. Even science is proven wrong, changes, and updates with time. I sometimes call “truth” crystal myth, because they it is the most addictive form of myth!


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