How My Journey With Personal Mythology Began

Sidian Morning Star

Sidian Morning Star

Personal Mythologist

Author, singer, designer, and Open Source Religion guy. My passion is beliefs.

Stanley Krippner and I go back about 15 years at the time of this writing. He’s an old family friend. My mom got him to visit our home in Boise at the time. I was about 24ish and had been devouring any book I could find about spirituality, religion, quantum physics, self help, and psychology. Our interests had huge overlap so we hit it off immediately. I didn’t realize at the time that he was the one who developed the ideas of Personal Mythology into a full fledge self improvement system.

He said I ought to meet the kind of people he works with. He flew me to San Rafael to visit and help out doing any menial tasks like filing papers in his numerous huge filing cabinets of printed articles, or mailing things to people, but also socializing with his vast circle of incredibly intelligent friends. Eventually he had me giving talks with him at universities, festivals and such. He kept teaching me everything about Personal Mythology along the way as well and it became the biggest life changer for me. I’ve wanted to share that with others ever since.

Stanley’s book is the only one about Personal Mythology that really codifies it into a system, and even touches on being a way of life. But what I also felt was that newer generations would have a very difficult time picking it up. The material is groundbreaking but also quite text heavy and long for most people these days. I thought about this for years until coming to the conclusion that I could revamp and revitalize Personal Mythology for a new generation who, unfortunately, have much shorter attention spans. Make it more colorful, easier, more fun. That’s been my life’s goal ever since and how MyMythos came to be. I assume I will continue this work until I die, but it’s hard to predict that far ahead.


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