Curious Night Koi

Curious Night Koi

The Curious Night Koi is a species of mythic fish that sleep under the rocky overhangs of rivers during the day and then by dusk, slip out of the water into the night air in search of the best theater a Curious Night Koi can find – your dreams!

As their name suggests, Curious Night Koi are emphatically drawn to events of interest; and nothing, of course, could be a more entertaining show than your dreams. They are so delighted by dreams in fact, that they prefer front row seats. That is to say they can swim right into them by means we do not yet understand.

Night Koi being small and vulnerable however, are not fond of nightmares and go straight to nipping ever so lightly at the edge of your ear in an attempt to wake you if you happen to be having a scary dream.

If you ever wish to see one, first make sure you have the most wonderful, beautiful dreams to attract a Night Koi, and secondly remind yourself to look into the background of your dream, and there you might spot the pretty, but nosy, Curious Night Koi.

Sidian Morning Star

Founder of MyMythos. Proponent and lover of personal mythology and Open Source Religion. Click here to join our Personal Mythology Group!

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