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Werewolf/Lycanthrope Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

Werewolves have been talked about for centuries. They were generally feared in the past but have become a more positively thought about symbol in the present day. They can symbolize wildness, protection, family, loyalty and instinct.

They live by the moon and as it changes so do they, this may feel like a blessing or a curse. Were-people are generally overindulgent, and finding themselves picking up bad habits.

Seeing wolves in dreams, can allude to things around you not being as they seem. This can mean that parts of you may be dangerous to yourself or others. They can also symbolize wild sexual fantasies, and wanting to be more adventurous. Or just that you want to live a more wild erratic lifestyle.

Werewolf/Lycanthrope Stories, Folklore, & Culture

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Please note that all meanings and personal mythologies listed on MyMythos are subjective to every individual.

Having Werewolf/Lycanthrope In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Transform to fit certain situations, as you are very adaptable.
  • Are fierce but incredibly loyal.
  • Love intensely, especially when its mutual.
  • May feel cursed, and unlucky
  • Have a strong connection to the moon and feel its changes may directly impact your life.
  • May be overly animalistic, and in touch with their carnal side.
  • Find difficulty in dealing with repressed anger.
  • Have a very adventurous side.

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