Unicorn Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

The Unicorn often is seen as a chaste and delicate creature. Generally seen as a symbol of purity in most of personal mythology. Due to its ability to ride the line between light and dark, Unicorns are a favorite personal symbol. The ancient unicorn was a symbol of power, strength, courage, virility and gain wisdom through experience.  They also represent personal integrity. For instance, not being influenced to stray from what they know is right, just because it’s easier than upholding their principals. In doing so they maintain a high moral standard. Even when faced with temptations that would allow one to justify compromising those standards for personal gain.

In dreams, unicorns are symbols of personal power, that you have yet to discover or release. They also represent emotional issues such as conflict between your ideal self, and your actual self, or with others. A common dream is being chased by a majestic white horse with spiraling horns on its head can symbolizes feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

Unicorn Stories, Folklore, & Media

Please note that all meanings and personal mythologies listed on MyMythos are subjective to every individual.

Having Unicorn In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Have a strong urge to heal, and transform situations in life.
  • Desire to be unique, different and independent.
  • Value outer beauty, however inner beauty matters more, when it comes to personal relationships.
  • Tend to have a deep connection with the moon, stars, and the mysteries and secrets of the universe.
  • Have self affirmations to be kind, loving, generous, and loyal to friends and lovers

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