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Phoenix Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

The phoenix is a legendary bird engulfed in flame. It is often depicted as the symbolism of rebirth and immortality which lives for 500 years or more before it dies to be reborn from its own ashes, similar to the life cycle of a caterpillar, except that the phoenix retains its previous form. The phoenix embodies existence that lies beyond our current cycle of life and death.

People often connect to immortality not only because of the overcoming of death, but because they believe that if you can live a long life you must have access to some great power, and you’re likely to have learned a great deal of wisdom that the average person has not. The phoenix is often associated with the sun, which has a long life and appears to die at night only to be reborn in the morning.

It is one of the most popular mythological creatures to appear in tattoos and the symbolism of the phoenix is known around the world, making it one of the most ubiquitous mythologies. Many people who associate with the phoenix have undergone great challenges in their lives that they have or wish to overcome.


Phoenix Stories, Folklore, Mythology, & Legend

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Having Phoenix In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Enjoy refreshing thoughts or outlooks.
  • You may often see the opportunity for personal change when something difficult happens to you.
  • Value long life, and reinventing yourself.
  • Fear being trapped. The worst torture for someone capable of living long and reinventing themselves is to become stuck.
  • Feel tied down if you stay one way or in one place too long.
  • Take pleasure in watching or facilitating cycles.
  • Are good at forgiving or letting go of old scars.

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