Gryphon/Griffin Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

Griffins are often symbolized as guardians or protectors with a strong sense of power and authority. In some cultures however they are seen as hunters or predators. This makes them akin to soldiers, as depending which side they are on depicts them as the hero or the villain. The Griffin has been a popular motif in arts, sculptures, and even in Pop Culture such as Harry Potter.

Griffins are believed to mate for life, in the event one partner would die they would live the rest of their life in solitaire, never searching for another.

Its generally presented with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion, and the head, wings and front talons of an Eagle. This gives it courage and bravery along with a sense of freedom and majesty.



Gryphon/Griffin Stories, Folklore, & Culture

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Having Gryphon/Griffin In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Feel drawn to jobs in the military or police force.
  • Intensely loyal, in all aspects of life, especially in relationships.
  • May be more brawn than brains, tend to rush into situations prior to thinking them through.
  • May have people look up to you but not overly social.
  • Fear injustice, and tend to take justice into your own hands

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