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Great Flood Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

Great floods can signify tragedy, loss, helplessness, and grief. People and animals die, and property is destroyed, often leaving individuals without any previous connections, thus great floods can also represent isolation and disconnection from one’s attachments. People can feel they have been ‘washed or carried away’ by a tragedy of some kind.

However, great floods can also symbolize triumph in the face of adversity. To survive such an epic event is a miraculous feat. It can put a person in the position of never worrying about daily tribulations while they focus entirely on survival. In the case of the Bible it remind people to not disobey this God’s commands, but also gave them hope that the God would one day fix things. Thus great floods can symbolize rebirth, transformation, spiritual rebalancing and cleansing at great cost.

The meaning of great floods can be helpful for dealing with difficult times in one’s life. A great flood can help put things into perspective; it reminds us that we cannot predict what life will do to us but that we can learn from our experiences and grow through them.

Great Flood Stories, Folklore, Mythology, & Legend

  • What references are there to great floods?

Please note that all meanings and personal mythologies listed on MyMythos are subjective to every individual.

Having Great Flood In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • Fear natural disasters.
  • Value survival skills.
  • Feel as though something out of your control can or will wipe out everything you are connected to.
  • Believe you must have faith in a higher power to get through life.

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