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Dragon Symbolism, Meaning, Mythology, & Dreams

The Dragon may be one of the most potent symbols. To many it represents personal growth, as well as personal power and identity. Although it has a bad reputation in mainstream culture, dragons are usually associated with personal strength and courage.

To see a dragon or to dream about them can reveal a personal transformation. You are able to look at personal issues and problems with a power and courage that was previously unavailable to you; the personal transformation that is taking place within you allows you to face your shadow and fears, but also your personal triumphs, all in a new light.



Dragon Stories, Folklore, & Culture

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Please note that all meanings and personal mythologies listed on MyMythos are subjective to every individual.

Having Dragon In Your Personal Mythology Could Mean You

  • May strive for identity, prestige in the world, power, courage and personal growth; as well as personal wisdom, leadership qualities and personal magic.
  • Are heroic in nature, nothing can stand in your way, personal problems and personal fears are all conquered.
  • Tend to be ambitious, prideful and confident.
  • Fear inadequacy.

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