Blue White Symbolism, Meaning, & Dream Interpretation


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Blue Symbolism, Meaning, & Dream Interpretation

Blue can be the deepest color plunging into infinity ever escaping into it. It is one of the most rare colors on earth occurring in the shimmer of translucency. Often representing the depths of the void and heavens all in one. It can be pure, frosty, cold and allows things to disappear and vanish into its vast oceans and endless skies. It is a giver of life with ocean but can be endlessly cruel with its stormy attitude.

Often a meditative soft color in the lighter realms. As blue darkens it begins to represent something deeper and more dreamlike. Symbolizes dreams, the unreal, surreal, day, calm, lofty, eternity, superhuman and inhuman parts of ourselves. It can be clinical, clean, intelligent, soothing or depressing.

Dreaming of blue is a liberation of worry or an indication you may receive help from outside sources.

Blue Stories, Folklore, Mythology, & Legend

A Genghis Khan folklore coupled a blue wolf with a yellow doe. The blue wolf was Er Toshtuk, the hero of a Kirghizian verse.

Mongolo-tirloc literature is full of blue tigers and lions. They are manifestations of the power of Tangri who is the ‘father’ of Altaic tribes who are above the mountains and sky.

For Tibetan Buddhists blue is the color of transcendence and wisdom.

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