Meeting Yourself As a Child

Meeting Yourself As a Child

I was looking for my small t-rex pet and only found his bones. I cried but no one seemed to care. However I also found a rainbow colored tube. It felt rubbery and seemed to move on its own sometimes. Some friends and I kept discovering these tubes and noticed certain ends of them would point to the chest of certain people in our group. Eventually we figured out which ends belonged to whom and we formed a circle with the rainbow tubes connecting all of us at the chest.

Once we had done this we were shot up through space and time into a dark house in another dimension. Not knowing what to think, I opened a door and found my ex girlfriend as a child. I said hi to her and left to tell the others what this place was about. I told them that in this house you will be able to meet your friends, family, and yourself as a child. I tried to explain to someone in the group that if they meet themselves they will cause an infinite memory recursion but they wouldn’t listen. Then someone’s alarm in real life woke me up.

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