An Evil Hath Found Me

An Evil Hath Found Me

I was searching through some books with a friend trying to find something about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Instead, each cover I found that seemed to resemble the Sandman was suddenly found to be someone else. I was slightly amused but frustrated. Then all at once my world was filled with what was a large and imposing head of a stern and disturbing lord sort of floating in space. Both he and his background were very much stylized like a baroque painting. His eyes were focused somewhere off to the side of me. For some reason I began a ritual dedicated to this head, even though I feared it. In my mind, the ritual would grant me access to some knowledge or power with which I could continue on my “Sandman” path. In the ritual I chanted some words and the name McMaster to the tune of what seemed to be a schoolyard rhyme, all the while lining up multiple versions of this head to a white crystal in the background.

But when I concluded the ritual, a large sound, like a massive cable snapping shocked me so much that I felt my physical body jolt and I immediately realized I had done a terrible thing. The man’s eyes slowly turned to meet mine and every millisecond was filled with dread. A loud yet far away laugh bellowed and it was clear I had just allowed some large and evil presence to know my location. I was frozen in fear between sleep and wakefulness. I tried to move but couldn’t. I tried to wake but couldn’t. I tried to vocalize to my girlfriend to wake me but I couldn’t. Eventually I regained the ability to control myself and woke.

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