A Deck of Cards

A Deck of Cards

My girlfriend was readying herself for work this morning as I dreamt that there was a deck of cards to my far right, and as I was lying in bed I lifted my left hand. At this point I could feel space/time dipping like a funnel into my mind, flexing and bending the continuum; in my thoughts I called this “going deep”. The back of my head pushed into my pillow as if in seizure and my lifted hand began to feel an incredible draw.

It was at this moment I knew with certainty that the cards across the room could be pulled toward my hand, I would bend the rules of physics, change my life forever, and this began to scare me.

Like an iron sphere plunging through water, my mind “went deep”, very deep. A spectral wind brushed between my lifted fingers and one by one the cards were slowly pulled toward my hand. It was the realization “My God it’s actually working” that horrified me; and though my consciousness was compressed beneath an ever whirling funnel of gravity, I felt it cower with that horror. With these energies at full force I could feel the presence of entities, as if I had alerted them for better or worse. I hate ghosts.

The pitter patter of cards hitting my hand and the corner wall behind it was awe inspiring, more real than waking life; the gravitational forces at work seemed to undulate in waves and I felt like someone who just discovered he could breathe underwater, gulping huge breaths and never quite blacking out. It was draining me.

The wind, the cards, and the gravity stopped flowing, and I lowered my arm. There was no question that I had completely spent some basic faculty of myself, though I didn’t know what. I was scared; I wanted to cry out to my girlfriend  but my voice wouldn’t come. I was locked in sleep, trying in vain to exercise the muscles in my throat over and over. Weak hairline movements. Nothing.

After some time I was capable of throwing the blanket off of me. I forced myself upright and stumbled like a drunk into the hallway, from the hallway to the living room, and from the living room to the floor. Half in shock and half confused, my girlfriend sees me, she has a phone pressed to her ear. I think to myself “How can I ever live with this? What will the entities do to me?”, and I wake up.

My left temporal lobe is pulsing, and I must admit, I’m still a little freaked out.

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