What’s your mythic color?

Mythic Color

The Personal Mythologist’s Guide

By Sidian M.S. Jones

The world inside you is forged from story and myth. It is where your heroes, villains, and treasures stage their theater; where the meanings of colors, animals, and elements cast their spells on your decisions and triumph over mere fact.

In this first book of The Personal Mythologist’s Guide series, you’re being handed the tools to unearth the significance of color and archetypes inside you, allowing you to interpret and change the constellation of myths that define you.

Sidian Jones… a Willy Wonka character in the world of self help…” Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis

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15 Mythic Colors

Learn everything you need about your favorite color, with in-depth information about its meanings, archetypes, affirmations, associations, and stories.

Simple Exercises With Everyday Use

Easy to do in your mind or a journal. Formulated with decades of research and experience with the world renowned psychologist Dr. Stanley Krippner.

Reenchant Your Life

Personal mythology reaches deep within you to unearth the very core of who you are and wish to be, allowing you to see life through entirely new lenses.

Learn The Power of Color

See through to the meanings of the hues in your self, relationships, and the outside world, while learning to shape them.

15 Mythic Colors

Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Black, White, Pink, Teal, Indigo, Gray, Brown, Rainbow, and one mystery color.

Discover a World of Color and Meaning
Inside Everyone and Everything


Deep dive into your favorite color to master its potential in your life. Discover the secret driving forces of yourself and people around you.

Mythic Color Discovery Worksheet

an excellent compliment to the physical book

Color assessment is a personal mythologist’s tool to determine which color archetype(s) you presently connect with most. Using this exercise with others will also help you understand who they are and why they do the things they do.

Interactive Worksheet

Create your mythology with an interactive experience you can type in and insert your own images.

What People are Saying

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

Psychologist, New Thinking Allowed, The Roots of Consciousness

Considering that the “rainbow yin yang” is my logo, I have a deep interest in the mythic properties of color. Naturally, I was drawn to this book by Sidian Jones, written with assistance from his esteemed mentor (and my friend) Stanley Krippner. This book does not disappoint! It provides the reader with a wealth of information and deep wisdom concerning the subtleties of color in our life. I recommend it highly.

Dr. Christopher Ryan

Psychologist, Sex at Dawn, Civilized to Death, Tangentially Speaking

Combining an eye for beautiful graphics with decades of scholarship, Sidian Jones and Stanley Krippner have created something special. Mythic Color is as much fun to look at as it is to read. Informative and gorgeous, this is a book to savor.

Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis

Psychologist, Author, Presenter, Adjunct Professor Columbia University in New York City

Sidian Jones, who has emerged as a Willy Wonka character in the world of self help, has collaborated with the brilliant Dr. Stanley Krippner, to create this remarkable book which is a treasure to be enjoyed again and again: a true inner navigational guide welcoming us to create and relish our unique, vibrant and scintillating journeys!

Sidian Morning Star Jones is an award winning author and personal mythologist, someone who works with belief, meaning, and story to enrich, inspire, and help others pursue meaningful direction in their lives.

Jones has spoken to audiences around the world and starred on a hit TLC TV show. His work has been featured on The Joe Rogan Experience, Stephen King, Apple, and Techcrunch. Jones is the grandson of legendary shaman Rolling Thunder, basis for the Billy Jack movies, subject of Martin Scorcese’s The Rolling Thunder Revue. Jones has co-authored two books about Rolling Thunder.

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