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What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

Why Are They So Powerful?

How Do I Find It?

How Do I Interact With Mine?

What Is A Spirit Animal?

A spirit animal most often occupies one of two purposes: to represent aspects of who you are, and/or to symbolize aspects of who you aim to be.

So if your spirit animal is the crow, you may believe yourself to be, or aspire to be intelligent, resourceful, and tricky.

Spirit animals are powerful allies because your belief and involvement in personal mythology has the power to change, empower, or even weaken you. So you must choose your paths wisely and take the craft seriously. Food for the deer may be poison for the wolf.

There are no hard rules to the craft of personal mythology. While the exploration of “outer space” (environment, relationships, Earth, and space itself) is often very objective and beholden to the laws of physics, inner-space is highly subjective and unique to the individual.

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Don’t fret. Personal mythology is not just a tool for the spiritual. It is an extremely powerful psychological tool as well. Think about this: Countries suspend war with one another just to participate in the Olympics (an international ritual); fast food chains constantly use the colors red and yellow because of our ingrained mythologies that associate those colors with food. Do not underestimate the impact of beliefs, stories, and symbolism.

Why Are Spirit Animals So Powerful?

Having a spirit animal can grant empowerment in the following ways:

  1. A power to call on. In times of trial, you can meditate on how to summon an aspect of your animal, be it strength, courage, cunning, or otherwise.
  2. Self discovery. Sometimes in life you may come to question why you felt or behaved a certain way, and then come to remember that it parallels how your spirit animal would think and behave.
  3. Grounding your thoughts and actions to a particular path. When you find yourself astray, ruminate on what your mythic companion would do.
  4. Giving you more to strive for. Without aspirations, we are merely alive, but with them we become an active entity in life.

Spirit Animal Examples

How Do I Find My Spirit Animal?

Finding your spirit animal is much more involved and personal than taking a quiz. Honestly, the idea that everyone’s spirit animal could be found out and rendered down to 5 choices with an online quiz is a large disservice to the quest.

  1. Begin with opening your mind, heart, and spirit, to the journey of finding your spirit animal.
  2. Start seeking. Use your eyes, and your inner-eyes, to reveal the notable experiences in your life.
  3. Pay attention to your experiences. Do they reflect the life and characteristics of your mythos animal?

Common places to locate your spirit animal are:

  • Dreams.
  • Moments of inspiration.
  • Interaction with animals.
  • Altered states of consciousness.
  • Journeys.
  • During dramatic life events.

How Do I Interact With My Spirit Animal?

There are countless ways to do this. But I’ll attempt to broadly go over some here. Each of the following topics are categories you can choose to post in on


You will naturally encourage and discourage certain beliefs due to your spirit animal. It is nearly impossible to believe the bear is your spirit animal without self-encouraging more bravery and general strength in yourself.


Dreams are an excellent realm to not only toss aside the restrictions of waking life, but to connect on a deeply subconscious level with your animal. Lucid dreaming deserves it’s own category here.

Rituals & Exercises

Rituals can be extremely simple or complex. Begin with something simple. Turn off the lights and light a candle. Ruminate about your connection with your animal companion.


Write a poem, fiction or non-fiction story. Weave the truth of your life’s story with the mythic world of your spirit animal. Use this to discover new perspectives, issues, or answers.

This Is Just The Beginning

If you are new to personal mythology, welcome to the exploration of inner-space. This guide on spirit animals only scratches the very surface, but should act as a good beginning to an everlasting quest, the mastery of inner-space. Future posts will cover these topics in more depth.


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