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Evening Star

  • Every living thing must consume other living things. Some people don’t like this, and they feel bad about it, so they consume plants and think to themselves “At least plants don’t feel.”. But then how does a […]

  • I dreamt my normal fare of abstract things until I found myself floating above an immense green-grass field enclosed within a circle of immortal trees. My world spun slowly as I took in the dream-blurred site of […]

  • My girlfriend was readying herself for work this morning as I dreamt that there was a deck of cards to my far right, and as I was lying in bed I lifted my left hand. At this point I could feel space/time dipping […]

  • I dreamt of a God, Ozmodus with whom a civilization of man had grown up with. He’s an immense planet of a being sitting in distant space like a moon. On his gray-purple surface sprout 8 thick stalks of flesh […]

  • Feed the black wolf, feed the white.Feed the day, or feed the night.Feed my shell, or feed my depthFeed my self, and don’t forget.Feed my hope, and feed my fear.Feed these Chimeric heads you’ve reared.Feed my mind […]

  • Death is not “meant to be”. If death were meant to be, baby’s and puppies would not die upon birth, because they experienced nothing of life to give the meaning to “meant to be”.”But it was meant to be so t […]

  • When you love her she finds you useful.When you pursue her she finds you unattractive.When she is alone you are necessary.When she is bored she is done.The Delirium Crow climbs willingly into the mouth of the […]

  • Many believe (I think mistakenly) that ethics are always black and white. […]

  • I adore being noticed. And especially being noticed for how carefully I’ve designed things, including myself. Thank you. I love the metaphor. Raw, intimidating, carefully crafted. It’s perfect.

  • A few words on a symbol I can no longer call my own, as it belongs to others as well.

    Black holes reduce things to a single dimensional point. Paradox reduces a duality to a singularity. Life is death and they […]

  • I feel more like the wolf than I do the “man” in this scene. Not because I feel like some mystical creature to awe over, but because I’ve been almost carelessly doing my own thing long enough that I don’t seem to […]

  • Black is depth beyond perception. Black shrouds the unseen and thus is feared. Black is the edge of non-existence, like living death. Black is exotic in its imperceptibility. Black is faster than light. My color is black.

  • The desert is a fairly serious landscape. Issues within it are rarely complicated for the most part; you survive or you do not.I am both dying and surviving. The ways in which I survive are precise, few in number, […]

  • She said I was a fine tuned machine. It made a lot of sense. I seem to be naturally obsessed with exactness, efficiency, needing full knowledge of things before I allow them near me. Little things can derail me: […]

  • Imagine music as a cell wall. Turn it up and the wall expands, growing the cell silencing much of the outside influences of others, unless they can comfortably enter the wall. People will either be uncomfortable i […]

  • I play a lot of Heroes of The Storm. There are all sorts of human, orc, elven, and other characters. But the one I relate to most is this grubbish, insectoid being. He is calculating, pathologically efficient, […]

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