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Evening Star

Meeting Yourself As a Child

I was looking for my small t-rex pet and only found his bones. I cried but no one seemed to care. However I also found a rainbow colored tube. It felt rubbery and seemed to move on its own sometimes. Some friends and I kept discovering these tubes and noticed certain...

I Thank My Enemies

Like any obstacle, enemies serve to exercise us. They are hills and mountains to climb, providing opportunity for growth. I thank my enemies.

I Am A Demon Hunter

Jung’s Ego is the hero. The goal of Jungian psychology in terms of the Ego’s development is to strengthen the Ego through introspection and integration of the Shadow. And the journey to individuation is mythologically speaking all the trials and tribulations that the...

My Discipline Comes From The Dark Tower

In the Dark Tower series written by Stephen King, a man known as the gunslinger walks thirstily through a desert on page 1. When I read this, I knew this form of self discipline was meant for me and have now been using it over 10 years. The gunslinger walked stolidly,...
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