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Spirit Animal Symbolism & Meaning

This animal totem has a strong sense of family and tribe as they have the ability to make quick and solid emotional attachments. If this is your spirit animal your soul may still remember what it’s like to be wild and free.  Wolves have a high sense of loyalty and strength as well as a healthy sense self confidence. Their mythology is filled with tales of elusive ghostly predators that hunt in vicious packs, however,  this power animal goes out of its way to avoid confrontation. This spirit animal is stubborn and a dangerous enemy when standing their ground. The wolf will be heard when they want to be by howling loudly to the heavens calling their pack to their side.

Spirit Animal Dream Interpretation & Meaning

This spirit animal appearing in a dream tells of a time on the horizon where confidence and composure is essential. You may find yourself yearning for some alone time so that you can return to a difficult situation with greater perspective. Taking that time is the means to your success if you trust your gut. A wolf at the door is often a symbol of hard times ahead. Dreaming of this power animal can be an interpretation of your love of nature and animals. A pack of wolves can be a symbolize a threat or issue weighing down on you.

**Dreams symbols are not so important by themselves, their meaning lies in the emotions and situations that they are associated with.


Feed the black wolf, feed the white.Feed the day, or feed the night.Feed my shell, or feed my depthFeed my self, and don’t forget. Feed my hope, and feed my fear.Feed these Chimeric heads you’ve reared.Feed my mind and feed my gut,but I’ll never, ever feed...

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What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

What Is A Spirit Animal? Why Are They So Powerful? How Do I Find It? How Do I Interact With Mine? What Is A Spirit Animal? A spirit animal most often occupies one of two purposes: to represent aspects of who you are, and/or to symbolize aspects of who you aim to be. So if your spirit animal is the crow, you may believe yourself to be, or aspire to be intelligent, resourceful, and tricky. Spirit animals are powerful allies because your belief and involvement in personal mythology has the power to change, empower, or even weaken you. So you must choose your paths wisely...

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The Wolf and The Man

I feel more like the wolf than I do the “man” in this scene. Not because I feel like some mystical creature to awe over, but because I’ve been almost carelessly doing my own thing long enough that I don’t seem to relate to others like they relate to each other, and they don’t seem to relate to me. What about you? Are you still...

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