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Life is Vampiric

Every living thing must consume other living things. Some people don’t like this, and they feel bad about it, so they consume plants and think to themselves “At least plants don’t feel.”. But then how does a flower know to turn to the sun? How does a vine sense to wrap around a nail? “Life feeds on life, feeds on life, feeds on life.” – Maynard James Keenan And it’s true. So far as we know, there is no method to live and not be...

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Death Is Not Meant To Be

Death is not “meant to be”. If death were meant to be, baby’s and puppies would not die upon birth, because they experienced nothing of life to give the meaning to “meant to be”. “But it was meant to be so that other people would learn from the experience.” What or who has proven this to you? Nothing and nobody. “But death gives meaning to life.” Then if we lived forever, suddenly every experience would mean nothing simply because we don’t die? Birth? Marriage? Learning? Worship? Meaningless? Of course not. Death is simply an immutable fact. It means nothing but what you...

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