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Fox Symbolism & Meaning

Spirit Animal mythology takes a turn of intelligence as this power animal is believed to be a guide and honored for its wisdom. They know the woods intimately and uses it’s cunning strategies to outwit others. If this is your spirit animal your persona is highly adaptable and you portray yourself as whatever you need to be in any given interaction, quick thinking and cleverness is a common tool during these situations. Fox are also keen observation and sly energy allow it to blend into it’s surroundings going unnoticed. This is a symbol known to be cunning, malicious and clever.

Fox Dream Interpretation & Meaning

This spirit animal is a dream symbol that stands for someone who is a trickster and a liar, giving warning to beware of false persons in your life as they can cause harm. They often have negative connotation in dreams as their mythology is full of betrayal, mischievous and contradictory symbolism. A woman dreaming of the sly fox can mean she is being followed or has rivals in her love life.. To be given this power animal as a gift in your dreams means that you may have a small problem with someone or that there will be an offense that is committed by someone sly. Killing or finding a dead fox in your dreams symbolizes that you will defeat a cunning enemy.

**Dream symbols are not so important by themselves, their meaning lies in the emotions and situations that they are associated with.

What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

What Is A Spirit Animal? Why Are They So Powerful? How Do I Find It? How Do I Interact With Mine? What Is A Spirit Animal? A spirit animal most often occupies one of two purposes: to represent aspects of who you are, and/or to symbolize aspects of who you aim to be. So if your spirit animal is the crow, you may believe yourself to be, or aspire to be intelligent, resourceful, and tricky. Spirit animals are powerful allies because your belief and involvement in personal mythology has the power to change, empower, or even weaken you. So you must choose your paths wisely...

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