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A Deck of Cards

My girlfriend was readying herself for work this morning as I dreamt that there was a deck of cards to my far right, and as I was lying in bed I lifted my left hand. At this point I could feel space/time dipping like a funnel into my mind, flexing and bending the continuum; in my thoughts I called this “going deep”. The back of my head pushed into my pillow as if in seizure and my lifted hand began to feel an incredible draw. It was at this moment I knew with certainty that the cards across the room...

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I Dreamt Of A God, Ozmodus

I dreamt of a God, Ozmodus with whom a civilization of man had grown up with. He’s an immense planet of a being sitting in distant space like a moon. On his gray-purple surface sprout 8 thick stalks of flesh topped with bulging eyes, and just north of the center of this being rests the largest and seemingly most sentient eye – the eye of the beholder. Mankind held countless legends of Ozmodus grown from fear and respect. Some say his eyes tallied the deeds of men and one day he’d visit their civilization and blow away the useless people...

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Black Is My Color

Black is depth beyond perception. Black shrouds the unseen and thus is feared. Black is the edge of non-existence, like living death. Black is exotic in its imperceptibility. Black is faster than light. My color is...

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