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Bear Symbolism & Meaning

If this is your spirit animal totem, you are a playful but powerful creature. The bear symbolizes great patience and aptitude when it is found in leadership roles. If you associate with the bears mythology you’re authoritative and nurturing and know how to protect those you love well. When the totem shows up as a spirit animal in your life, it’s perhaps time to stand for your beliefs or truth. This power animal will provide for support and strength. Know that you are free to roam as this spirit animal is confident in it’s path.

Bear Dream Interpretation & Meaning

If this power animal is seen in your dreams it symbolizes strength in times when we are weak or helpless. The spirit of the bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty as it provides courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. Dreaming of this symbol could could also signify that it is time to explore your thoughts and perspectives. Reflect inward and find the true meaning on matters and follow what you know is right in your heart. If cubs visit your dreams make sure you bring your children closer to you. It could mean that you need to connect closely with the kids in your life and ensure that they are safe and sound.

**Dream symbols are not so important by themselves, their meaning lies in the emotions and situations that they are associated with.

What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

What Is A Spirit Animal? Why Are They So Powerful? How Do I Find It? How Do I Interact With Mine? What Is A Spirit Animal? A spirit animal most often occupies one of two purposes: to represent aspects of who you are, and/or to symbolize aspects of who you aim to be. So if your spirit animal is the crow, you may believe yourself to be, or aspire to be intelligent, resourceful, and tricky. Spirit animals are powerful allies because your belief and involvement in personal mythology has the power to change, empower, or even weaken you. So you must choose your paths wisely...

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