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Bat Symbolism & Meaning

The Bat has a keen sense of their surroundings and it is considered a symbol of dreaming, intuition, sensitivity and visions. This Spirit animal has strong symbolism of death and rebirth as it’s mythology tells of it being a creature that lives in the belly of mother earth.  Due to the bat’s sensitivity and intuition it has a way of seeing through illusions and lies, therefor it is a powerful animal totem to have on your side. Bats mythology is surrounded with fear but they are contradictory tales as this power animal, the guardian of the night, is known to help us to release fear and patterns which no longer fit within our pattern of growth along our life path.

Bat Dream Interpretation & Meaning

Seeing a flying bat in dreams often has meaning of something negative approaching that you can manage to overcome, however, a swarm of bats that make you fearful is symbolic of an overwhelming situation in your life that is out of your control. The interpretations of such dreams is to face the difficulties you are faced with in your waking life to the best of your abilities. Due to the death and rebirth mythologies of the bat, this spirit animal flying in a dream can also symbolize transformation of one’s ego about to happen, end one life path and starting another.

**Dream symbols are not so important by themselves, their meaning lies in the emotions and situations that they are associated with.

What Is My Spirit Animal? Beginner’s Guide

What Is A Spirit Animal? Why Are They So Powerful? How Do I Find It? How Do I Interact With Mine? What Is A Spirit Animal? A spirit animal most often occupies one of two purposes: to represent aspects of who you are, and/or to symbolize aspects of who you aim to be. So if your spirit animal is the crow, you may believe yourself to be, or aspire to be intelligent, resourceful, and tricky. Spirit animals are powerful allies because your belief and involvement in personal mythology has the power to change, empower, or even weaken you. So you must choose your paths wisely...

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