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Personal Mythology is the story of your entire life, and the lens through which your beliefs, experiences, rituals, and dreams are colored.

What is Personal Mythology?

The Personal mythology of our past is the colored lens through which we perceive every new experience. It determines what we buy, what we believe, and who we love. When we do not control our personal mythology, we are led blindly by our emotions, taking actions but knowing not from where they came.

We gather clutter in our minds with vague reasons about what we think is the reason for what we believe, or why we behave in certain ways. With MyMythos you will chip away at the clutter to find out truths about who you really are, like freeing gems from stone.

Social Networking Today

Social networks today are unfit for sharing our deepest selves. The result is a great deal of conversation, but very little deeper understanding of ourselves or those around us. We wear many masks to play many roles, but rarely reveal what is beneath. With MyMythos you can be more you.

Sidian Morning Star Jones has grasped the profound nature of personal mythology and has developed a series of ingenious exercises and techniques that bring personal mythology into the 21st century. In ancient times, each culture had its own mythology, its own way of making sense of the world. As cultures became more diversified, so did mythologies until there were religious, ethnic, institutional, family, political, and economic mythologies. From a practical point of view, a mythology is a collection of myths; and myths are statements or stories about important, existential human issues that directly influence behavior. Myths determine who people will love and who they will kill. Myths determine when a fetus becomes a human being, when a child becomes an adult, and when a friend becomes an enemy.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

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